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At The Lighthouse Project we believe that mentoring is a long term process that requires constant intervention in order to create any deep rooted change. Our 6 year model begins in Standard 7 with a focus on life skills, social skills. 

We have found that it is only when the communities themselves have strong role models, that any change can be sustainable. Our work also extends to the communities that our children come from through a Livelihoods and Leadership Program, focusing on careers, livlihoods and peer leadership.



IMPACT 2014-2015




"Seeing my mentee's attitude and responsibility to his family at his age has made me question my choices and lifestyle. I have started supporting and appreciating my family more and treating my siblings with more respect."
Yash Bajaj

"I feel like I have had the opportunity to look at the world through a different lens. Seeing how fearless and full of energy they are given their circumstances, makes us realise how privileged we are and how important it is for us to contribute."
Aarti Sanjeev Kasturi

"There are so many cultural and social differences between us, but despite that we are still very comfortable with each other and that is what I feel is very unique. It's just beautiful to see how excited she is to see me. "
Shipra Jain

"When you are building a relationship with a child one-on-one, it really matters if you show up or not, and the fact that it matters so much, makes this relationship so incredible."
Yamini Namjoshi

"Being a Lighthouse Mentor has been a wonderful experience for me. My mentee has helped me understand how to love and appreciate others regardless of ones circumstances."
Shaalu Wadhwa

"Understanding the kinds of responsibilities that my mentee shares through her day to day life was essential in building the relationship I have with her today. It has made me more empathetic."
Udita Shroff

"Mentoring is very new for me and I feel I am my true self when I am with my mentee. He has taught me to be enthusiastic, honest and cheerful in life."
Bhavya Deep Mantri

"The incredible thing about the Lighthouse Project is the deeply symbiotic cross current of learning between mentor and mentee. I'd be lying if I said I don't learn more from my mentee than he does from me."
Rishad Mehta

Not sure what we are talking about? This should help you understand what it takes to become a Lighthouse mentor.

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