Kunaljit Bhatta

Kunaljit Bhatta is a Assistant Program Manager at The Lighthouse Project. He has completed his Bachelor of Arts from Digboi College. He has completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Tourism Management and recently completed his Masters of Social Work with Specialization in Community Development from Dibrugarh University, Assam.

Kunaljit has worked as an intern with Kripa Foundation. Prior to that he was involved with organizations like SEWA, Gramiya Vikash Mancha, SeSTA wherein he worked closely with children, women and SHG’s. He interned with C.R.H.P (Comprehensive Rural Health Project) in Jamkhed and worked on issues relating to child health care and prenatal care. Kunaljit is particularly passionate about causes involving children and youth.

Kunaljit enjoys watching animated films, documentaries, listening to music and playing the guitar in his free time.