Tips for Exam by Vinita

Vinita – 9th Grade, Akanksha Foundation School

Hi friends,
Exam season is going to be here soon with our final exams approaching fast. So I thought of writing this blog to share certain tips on how to prepare for exam and what to do during the exams so you can maximise your scores.

A. Preparation for exam

1. Planning: To start with, you should have a study plan. Make a timetable and stick to it.
2. Regular studies: Every day after coming back from school, revise what you did in class, complete your homework, read more about the topics you have learnt, obtain complete conceptual clarity and make note of all your doubts and clear them till you understand. Also, you can make your own study notes which will help in quick revision a day before the exam.
3. Revision: Study every day for 2 hours with breaks. Study for 30 mins, take a break for 5 mins and repeat the process.

B. Day before the exam

1. Free your mind: While studying, have full concentration on the subject matter. Forget all the stress related to school, home and studies and approach your exam with a fresh and clear mind.
2. Take care of your health: Eat well and on time, avoid junk food like Chinese bhel and sleep on time to avoid falling sick during the exam days.
3. Final revision: One day before the exam, do not try to learn anything new. Just revise the concepts and chapters that you have already learnt and made notes on. Practise as many questions as you can.
4. Take complete rest: Have a fixed study time for the day before the exam and finish all the revision till that time. Post that, relax, listen to your favourite songs, play for a while and sleep early to be prepared to face the exam the next day with a positive attitude and confidence.
5. Exam day: On the day of the exam, get up early in the morning, do a final revision, get ready for school and reach on time.
6. Post exam: Relax and have fun with your friends because we are done with this term. Hip Hip Hurray!!!

Thank you.

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