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The Lighthouse Project is a not-for-profit organisation in Mumbai that connects working professionals and college students with children from under resourced communities, through one-on-one mentoring in a safe environment.

Most of these children are first generation learners and often lack a consistent, positive role model to guide them in their daily lives. Moreover, current education systems do not equip children with the necessary skills to ensure that they are job ready upon graduation.

Mentoring enables both our mentors and mentees to learn from each other and become socially conscious contributors to society.

Our Programme

Our 5 year model begins in Standard 8 with a focus on life skills, social skills and exposure. Our Junior College program involves hands-on support during this critical transition phase, with a focus on career awareness, employability skills and peer leadership.

Currently we work with children from slum communities across Mumbai (Andheri, Dadar, Cotton Green, Elphinstone Road) and girl children from Mumbai’s red light district (Kamathipura).

Our Mentors spend 4 hours a month with our Mentees over an 8 month period building their aspiration levels, developing their life skills and social skills, and exposing them to a world outside of their community.

Being an adult made me tough, but being a Lighthouse Mentor made me soft! The warmth, made me ‘unlearn’ and forget negativities of my life and made me see the many beautiful and positive sides to life! My Mentee brought back the child in me, the difference being – this time I was a way more smart and confident kid!

Kanika Saxena , Lighthouse Mentor

Spending time with my Mentee made me realize that you have to make the most of every opportunity you get, that loyalty is underrated, that happiness can be found in anything and that there is no limit to what you can achieve in life.

Sunaina Basu , Lighthouse Mentor

I’m a mentor because I wanted to give back to the society. In this process, I didn’t realise how much I would get to learn and understand a whole new perspective to life and happiness. Thank you LightHouse Project, for changing the definition of happiness for me.

Nirali Shah , Lighthouse Mentor

It has been an incredible journey as I take on various roles- a child while playing games like taboo and hangman to becoming a mentor and a guide when it comes to her aspirations and academics.

Arti Gharpure , Lighthouse Mentor

Through the mentorship program I have learnt that even though it might seem hard to break a wall and become a part of someone’s life, if you’re committed to that person and want to see him/her grow, it is worth every everything to go that extra mile because in the end you always succeed and it is the greatest feeling.

Denali Dias , Lighthouse Mentor

Despite his naughty nature, my Mentee is one pure hearted boy and seeing how happy he is with so little, he has truly become an inspiration for me. What amazes me is that he is so positive and carefree in life that he doesn’t seem to waste too much time being depressed about things. I get a refreshed perspective of life every time I share my weekend with him and I thank him for that.

Ashutosh Shah , Lighthouse Mentor

Understanding the kinds of responsibilities that my Mentee shares through her day to day life was essential in building the relationship I have with her today. It has made me more empathetic.

Udita Shroff , Lighthouse Mentor

Seeing my Mentee’s attitude and responsibility to his family at his age has made me question my choices and lifestyle. I have started supporting and appreciating my family more and treating my siblings with more respect.

Yash Bajaj , Lighthouse Mentor

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Mentoring is a simple and powerful tool that expands a child's mind, raises their aspiration levels and perpetuates trusting relationships. We believe that our mentors have as much to learn from the bright and resilient children we work with.